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The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (AAOA) represents over 2,700 Board-certified otolaryngologists and health care providers. Otolaryngology, frequently referred to as Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT), uniquely combines medical and surgical expertise to care for patients with a variety of conditions affecting the ears, nose, and throat, as well as commonly related conditions. AAOA members devote part of their practice to the diagnosis and treatment of allergic disease. The AAOA actively supports its membership through education, research, and advocacy in the care of allergic patients.

"Advance the comprehensive management of allergy and inflammatory disease in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery through training, education, and advocacy."


CARES Act and Public Health Emergency Funds Allocation

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced how it plans to allocate the…

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CARES Act Provider Relief Fund Additional Information

AMA Updates on CARES Act Today the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided…

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Interim Package and Resuming Non-COVID Care

Sharing the latest on the interim package and the news from CMS about resuming non-COVID…

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Changes in MACRA

Macra 101 Image

Before the close of 2017, all physicians must take action to avoid the 4 percent cut that will be assessed in 2019 for not participating in the new Quality Payment Program (QPP) authorized by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA).  Read More

CMS Announces Changes in MACRA Implementation Timeline. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced major changes to the implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Re-authorization (MACRA).
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Upcoming Dates

04/15/20: Fellow Exam Application Deadline
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06/01/20: Research Grant Cycle
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06/26/20: Membership Application Deadline to be eligible for AAOA Member rate for the 2020 Basic Course Learn more

07/15/20: Call for Scientific Papers
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09/11/20: Membership Application Deadline to be voted in at the 2020 Annual Meeting and to be eligible for AAOA Member Rate (FREE) for the 2020 Annual Meeting Learn more

12/01/20: Research Grant Cycle
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New Virtual Course!

Register now as we build out Part 2 Core Allergy & Part 3 Core Rhinology.   Both promise to deliver clinical content you need.  Core Allergy will offer what you need to help refresh or add allergy to your practice — everything from the clinical science to the basics of allergy from a better understanding of testing techniques, vial prep, and dose calculations to other practical implications.  Core Rhinology encompassed the highly sought after rhinology content from our former IAR program.  Part 1 will launch soon with on demand content to help you balance all your time demands.  Part 2 & 3 will feature live-stream content to give you opportunities to interact with the faculty.  Post live session, this content will also be available on demand. Stay tuned for more details as we finish our program build. Read More


IFAR Impact Factor: 2.454


IFAR Featured Content: COVID-19 - Free Access
Endonasal instrumentation and aerosolization risk in the era of COVID‐19: simulation, literature review, and proposed mitigation strategies . Read More

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Changes in Managing Practices


Working together with AAOA staff, volunteer leadership and members will enable us to have a positive impact on our members’ practices.

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Live and Online CME

NEW VIRTUAL COURSE! Core Allergy and Rhinology Concepts: Age of Pandemics and Beyond
Learn How to Reboot Your Practice and Freshen Up on Core Allergy and Rhinology Components
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2020 Basic Course in Allergy & Immunology
July 9-11 | Orlando, FL
COVID-19 has made it impossible to convene our 2020 Basic Course. We hope you will consider another AAOA CME opportunity

2020 AAOA Annual Meeting
October 23-25| Scottsdale, AZ
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2020 Advanced Course in Allergy & Immunology
December 9-12 | Vail, CO
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AAOA Clinical Insights
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USP 797 Online Module
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2021 Basic Course in Allergy & Immunology
July 15-17 | Seattle, WA

News and Updates

Resuming SCIT During COVID-19 Pandemic

This summary is intended to provide practicing Otolaryngologists a guide to resuming safe allergy care…

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Small Business Paycheck Protection Program

by Dole Baker, MD, FAAOA, AAOA Socioeconomic Committee Member  Small Business Paycheck Protection Program is…

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College Allergy Symptoms Treatment Back to Shcool


AAOA Practice Resource Tool Kit

The American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy (AAOA) Practice Resource Tool Kit is intended as a guide to help AAOA members integrate allergy into their otolaryngology practice and to continually improve on this integration as new information, regulations, and resources become available.

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AAOA Annual Meeting 2018

Annual Meeting Schedule


Friday, September 14th, 2018

6:30am-10:30am: Fellow Exam

11:00am-12:00pm: Panel Discussion – The Demise of the Sinus Surgeon – Jim Palmer, MD (moderator)

12:15pm-1:15pm: Lunch with Corporate Sponsor

1:30pm-2:30pm: BJ Ferguson Memorial Keynote Lecture – Asthma, Airway Disease, and the Intersection of Biology and Biologics – Sally E. Wenzel, MD

2:30pm-3:00pm: Networking Break w/ Exhibitors

3:00pm-4:00pm: Panel Discussion – Federal Updates: What’s New in Biologics & at NIH-NIAID – John H. Krouse, MD, PhD, MBA (moderator)

4:15pm-6:30pm: City of Brotherly Love Walking Tours: Content Meets Culture – Conversations with Experts (concurrent sessions)

  • Allergy Emergencies/Ben Franklin Parkway – Christopher Brook, MD, Michael Platt, MD
  • Antigen Selection/A City of Murals – Bruce Gordon, MD, Steven Houser, MD
  • Chronic Cough/A City of Murals – Melissa Hertler, MD, Monica Patadia, MD, FAAOA
  • Concise History of Medicine in Philly – Cecelia Damask, DO, Christine Franzese, MD, J. Whit Mims, MD, Matthew Ryan, MD
  • Food Allergy/Ben Franklin Parkway – William Reisacher, MD, Maria Veling, MD
  • Migraine/Wonders of Philly’s Architecture -Kristen Marcum, MD, Mark Mehle, MD
  • Nasal Polyps/Philly in the 21st Century – John Delgaudio, MD, Sarah Wise, MD
  • Practice Pearls/The Roaring 20’s and the History of the Loews Hotel – Paul Fass, MD, FAAOA, Jack Fornadley, MD
  • Reflux and Laryngeal Issues/Philly-A City of Firsts – Robert Stachler, MD, Alpen Patel, MD
  • Sinusitis/Philly & Its Public Art – Charles Ebert, MD, Kenneth Rodriguez, MD
  • Nasal Polyps/Philly in the 21st Century – John Delgaudio, MD, Sarah Wise, MD
  • SLIT/A Revolutionary City – Sandra Lin, MD, Erik Swanson, MD, Wes VanderArk, MD, Kevin F. Wilson, MD

6:30pm-7:30pm: Taste of Philly Reception with Exhibitors

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

6:00am-6:45am: Healthy Start Fitness Sessions

6:30am-7:00am: Early Riser Coffee with Exhibitors

7:00am-8:00am: Breakfast with Corporate Sponsor

8:00am-9:00am: Practice Management Keynote Lecture – Demonstrating the Value of the Otolaryngic Allergist in Academics and Private Practice – Nick Hernandez

9:15am-10:15am: Concurrent Sessions – Practice Management & ReCAP

  • Practice Management
    • Benchmarking Basics: Key Indicators for a Healthy Practice – Nick Hernandez
    • Coding 101: Beyond Correct Coding – Getting Paid for What you Do and Avoiding Billing Blunders – Kristin Vaughn
    • How to Stay in Private Practice (If You Want To) – Karen Zupko
    • SoMe and Me – Where does Social Media Fit in Modern Clinical Practice? – Jennifer Villwock, MD (moderator)
  • ReCAP
    • The Principles of Allergic Disease – Christopher Brook, MD, Farrah Siddiqui, MD, Kevin Wilson, MD, Camysha Wright-Gooden, MD

10:15am-10:45am: Networking Break w/ Exhibitors

10:45am-11:45pm: Concurrent Sessions – Practice Management & ReCAP

  • Practice Management
    • Boost Your Bottom Line… Despite 2018 ENT Coding Cuts/High Deductible Health Plans: You Need A Plan – Cheyenne Brinson
    • Coding Hot Topics: Coding Strategies for 2018 and Beyond – Kristin Vaughn
    • Creating the Right Office Culture by Cultivating the Right Staff – Jack Fornadley, MD (moderator), Jennifer Hodges, RN (moderator)
    • Expanding Scope of Practice: How to Expand Service Lines to Drive Patient Satisfaction – Nick Hernandez
  • ReCAP
    • Advanced Allergy Topics – Christopher Brook, MD, Cecelia Damask, DO, Michael Platt, MD, Matthew Ryan, MD

12:00pm-1:00pm: Annual Business Meeting, AAOA Today & Tomorrow (Lunch)

1:00pm-2:00pm: Making Sense of Government Regulations: Practical Strategies – Jami Lucas (moderator)

2:00pm-2:15pm: Break w/ Exhibitors

2:15pm-3:15pm: Concurrent Sessions – Practice Management & ReCAP

  • Practice Management
    • Benchmarking Basics: Key Indicators for a Healthy Practice – Nick Hernandez
    • Efficient Workflow or Logjam: Is Your Practice Operationally Sound? – Cheyenne Brinson
    • How to Improve Patient Compliance (IT & Beyond) – Erik Swanson, MD (moderator)
    • Negotiation is Value Specific – Keith Sale, MD (moderator)
  • ReCAP
    • Allergy Testing – Christopher Brook, MD, Douglas Dawson, MD, Josh Levy, MD

3:15pm-3:30pm: Break w/ Exhibitors

3:30pm-4:30pm: Concurrent Sessions – Practice Management & ReCAP

  • Practice Management
    • Advanced Coding: E/M Chart Audits Tied to ENT/Allergy Procedural Coding – Kristin Vaughn
    • Allergy Practice Models: What I Wish I Had Known – Kevin Wilson, MD (moderator)
    • EHR Licensing Agreements: What You Need to Know/Ask Before Signing – Daniel Shay
    • How to Build Efficiency Back into Your Practice Model – Douglas Dawson, MD (moderator)
  • ReCAP
    • Immunotherapy & Vial Preparation – Christopher Brook, MD, Ashleigh Halderman, MD, Elizabeth Mahoney Davis, MD, Kristin Marcum, MD, Matthew Ryan, MD

4:30pm-4:45pm: Break w/ Exhibitors

4:45pm-5:45pm: Concurrent Sessions – Practice Management & ReCAP

  • Practice Management
    • The Art & Practice of Strategic Thinking – Nick Hernandez
    • Employment & Payer Contracts: What You Need to Know/Ask Before Signing – Daniel Shay
    • Evaluating Service Lines and Practice Flow for Practice Sustainability – Cheyenne Brinson
    • Physician Burnout: The Newest Epidemic and Why We Should Care – Jami Lucas (moderator)
  • ReCAP
    • Anaphylaxis & Immunotherapy Practicum – Christopher Brook, MD, Glen Porter, MD, Matthew Ryan, MD

7:00pm-8:30pm: AAOA Soirée, Reading Terminal at 125 Years

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

6:00am-6:45am: Healthy Start Fitness Sessions

7:30am-9:00am: Scientific Research Forum and Breakfast – Charles Ebert, MD, Kenneth Rodriguez, MD (moderators)

9:00am-10:00am: Concurrent Sessions – Cases, Conversations, and Collaboration

  • Challenges in Clinical Care: Practical Troubleshooting – J. Whit Mims, MD (moderator)
  • My First Cases That Had Me Totally Stumped – Monica Patadia, MD
  • Office-Based Sinonasal Procedures – John Delgaudio, MD, Sarah Wise, MD
  • Scary Allergy & Sinus Cases – Michael Platt, MD
  • Smell: The Forgotten Sense – Jennifer Villwock, MD

10:00am-10:30am: Break w/ Exhibitors

10:30am-11:30am: Concurrent Sessions – Rapid Fire Learning

  • Allergy & Sleep – Douglas Dawson, MD, Andrea Lewis, MD
  • Managing the AERD Patient – Nathan Deckard, MD, Josh Levy, MD, Elina Toskala, MD
  • Sinusitis or Allergy? Both? Neither? – John Delgaudio, MD, Sarah Wise, MD
  • Starting Your Allergy Practice: Practical Perspective – William Reisacher, MD (moderator)

11:45am-12:45pm: Concurrent Sessions – Workshops

  • Component Testing: Where We Are and Where We’re Going – Michael Benninger, MD
  • Difficult Nasal Polyposis: AFS and AERD Treatment Strategies –  Nithin Adappa, MD, John Bosso, MD, James Palmer, MD
  • SLIT: How to Make It Work – William Reisacher, MD (moderator)
  • Unified Airway & Asthma: What You Need to Know – Cecelia Damask, DO, Paul Fass, MD, Michael Parker, MD

A printable file of the 2018 AAOA Annual Meeting Schedule at a Glance can be downloaded here. The full Meeting Agenda will be available on site. If you have any questions, please contact meetings@aaoallergy.org.

Learn More about the Annual Meeting Faculty and Speakers.

The online syllabus will be available by September 10. All registrants will be provided with access instructions by e-mail when the syllabus is released.

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